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21 hours ago

CBE to release plastic banknotes by 2020

Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Governor Tarek Amer said Wednesday that the new plastic banknotes the CBE intends to release into circulation by 2020 will be made of polymer and will last twice as long as the paper banknotes. In ... Read More

21 hours ago

"Verynile" initiative to clean Nile water launched: Irrigation Ministry

  Egypt’s Ministry of Irrigation on Wednesday launched the “Verynile” initiative, which aims to clean the Nile river’s water daily and increase awareness for environmental preservation, in cooperation with the “Baseta” company. The initiative joins fishermen and special teams under ... Read More

20 hours ago

Ragheb Alama to sue Lebanese MP for incitement to murder

Famous Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama said he would sue Lebanese MP Hikmet Deeb over the latter’s incitement to murder Alama. The Lebanese MP had attacked Alama after the release of his latest song “The Country Flew”, demanding that he be ... Read More

20 hours ago

Life & Style
Google reveals Egypt's top searches

  On Wednesday, Google released its annual report of the most popular searches it received worldwide, providing an insight into the topics Egyptians have wondered about most in 2018. The results include Egypt’s most popular searches for people, events, sport ... Read More