Egypt Independent

350 wounded in Suez protests

The number of citizens and security forces injured during Day of Anger protests in Suez has reached 350 people. Around 100 of the injured have been registered at the Suez, Hawd al-Ders and health insurance hospitals in Suez.

Medical sources said around 20 of those injured were members of security forces. The sources said that rubber bullets and tear gas, which caused respiratory complications, were the source of many of the injuries.

About 20 protesters were referred to the prosecution for questioning. Officials at the Suez security directorate accused some protesters of throwing Molotov cocktails and stones in the direction of security officers, which forced them in return to fire tear gas bombs and rubber bullets.

Security sources added that protesters set two private cars on fire and smashed public and private vehicles.

Protests were reported to have lasted until 3 AM on Wednesday until police dispersed the demonstrators. Reporters at Al-Masry al-Youm and other independent newspapers were among those injured and were transferred to Suez Public Hospital.