Egypt Independent

Antiquities Ministry to create revolution exhibition

The Antiquities Ministry plans to hold an exhibition about the 25 January revolution that will open in Cairo and tour 14 European countries.

During a meeting with a group of revolution youth Thursday, Antiquities Minister Hawass said the exhibition would display sculptures and pictures depicting the ideas of the young protesters and the revolution. The exhibition will also include some artifacts provided by the ministry expressing values such as justice, including a statue of Maat, god of truth and justice in ancient Egypt, and another statue of Osiris, god of the good.

During and after the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, protesters transformed the spaces where they gathered with caricatures, paintings, street art and graffiti. 

The exhibition will also include photos of those killed during protests as well as some of their belongings, like flags they were holding when they died. Hawass said the exhibition will be displayed in Cairo's Civilization Museum at Fustat, which is under construction.

Translated from the Arabic Edition