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Interview: Magda Haroun, head of Egypt's Jewish community

"The daughter of Israel's enemy has become the president of the Jewish community in Egypt." So said Yedioth Ahronoth, describing...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 7 years ago

Israeli protesters demand removal of Egyptian flag at Eilat consulate

Dozens of Israeli activists who belong to the Eilat Is Jewish Movement staged a protest on Thursday outside the Egyptian...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 9 years ago

Hundreds protest campaign against street cafes

Hundreds of young Egyptians in downtown Cairo protested Wednesday a police and army campaign to stop coffee shops from setting...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 9 years ago

Israelis suggest 'protest for love' outside Egyptian Embassy

A number of young Israelis have posted a Facebook invitation for a "protest for love" outside the Egyptian Embassy in...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 9 years ago

Activists: Police tortured Tahrir protester

Activists on Thursday accused police officers of detaining and torturing a protester who was taking part in a sit-in at...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 9 years ago

Egypt gas still not flowing to Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Environment announced Friday that Egypt's supply of gas to Israel will not be resumed as anticipated following...

Ahmed Belal Ahmed Belal 9 years ago