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Egypt remains a hot spot for illegal chimp and ivory trade

In September, customs authorities at Cairo International Airport seized 17 endangered falcons. The following month, a man was caught smuggling...

Kira Walker Kira Walker 6 years ago

Preserving one of Egypt’s most efficient ecosystems: The mangrove

In the brackish waters lapping the shores of the Red Sea lies an unsung hero: the mangrove. Mangroves are trees...

Kira Walker Kira Walker 6 years ago

Icecairo ‘Ecocities Camp’ discusses a more sustainable Cairo

Despite the ongoing political unrest and inclement weather last Friday, people eager to contribute to and shape a greener, cleaner...

Kira Walker Kira Walker 6 years ago

Egypt-Saudi bridge: Is the government sacrificing natural resources for short-term gains?

Despite earlier cautions by environmentalists to conduct proper scientific studies before commencing building, plans for the King Abdullah Bridge, which...

Kira Walker Kira Walker 6 years ago

Two main polluting industries, cement and charcoal, pledge to reduce emissions

The 11th Panel Discussion of the Cairo Climate Talks was held last night at the Youth Leaders/Civic Education Center in Zamalek...

Kira Walker Kira Walker 7 years ago