Egypt Independent

Court to rule on fate of Mubarak regime remnants

The High Elections Committee is slated to meet on Monday to decide whether former members of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) will be barred from running in parliamentary elections, in accordance with a previous Administrative Court ruling.

Meanwhile, the same court is considering a challenge to the ruling submitted by a former member of parliament.

A number of former NDP members on Sunday stormed the court, broke its windows and cursed the judges.

The Muslim Brotherhood alone submitted 70 out of 104 petitions to ban former NDP members from running in the elections.

In related news, a judicial source said the committee has allowed Egyptians living abroad to cast their votes in the elections by way of the internet or postal mail. Embassies and consulates would forward them on to the committee.

The court is considering a law suit seeking to deny Egyptians living in Israel the right to vote.

Translated from the Arabic Edition