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Egyptian court postpones lawsuit demanding expulsion of Israel ambassador

Egypt's Administrative Court on Tuesday postponed to 17 September a lawsuit demanding the expulsion of Israel's ambassador to Cairo, Yitzhak Levanon.

An Egyptian lawyer, Mohamed Abdel Moqtader, filed the lawsuit in response to the killing of four Egyptian police officers and one army officer by the Israeli military 18 August. The deaths occured as Israeli forces pursued militants fleeing across the border from Israel into Egypt after conducting a terrorist attack in Israel.

The deaths of the Egyptian officers sparked public uproar in Egypt and provoked demands for the cancellation of the 1979 peace treaty signed the two nations, as well as calls for diplomatic ties to be cut.

The lawyer filed his petition against the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr.

Abdel Moqtader is demanding the closure of the Israeli Embassy and the severing of diplomatic ties with Israel.

Egyptian independent daily Al-Tahrir reports that a number of Egyptian lawyers have called upon the military council to demand that Israel to hand over the Israeli soldiers involved in the incident for trial in Egyptian courts.