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Families of dead protesters under pressure to reconcile with police

Families of protesters killed during the 25 January revolution are accusing officers allegedly involved in the killings of pressuring them to drop their legal cases.

The families filed several reports with the attorney general accusing Hossam Fawzy, an inspector for the North Giza Prosecution, of threatening them and offering financial incentives to get them to drop their cases. 

They said the families of those killed were offered LE30,000 and those with an injured member were offered LE15,000.

They also said the investigator tried to persuade them to reconcile with two of his colleagues from Imbaba's police station, who were allegedly involved in killing protesters there.

Sayyed Abdel Latif, the father of one of the dead protesters, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the families are under immense pressure from Imbaba police and officer Ahmed Salah to accept reconciliation. 

Mostafa Omar, one of the injured victims, said he received a phone call from Fawzy offering him LE15,000 to reconcile with the officer who shot him on 28 January. Omar said he would continue to press his case legally. 

Saleh Mohamed Saad, the father of another protester who was killed, said officers from the Imbaba police station sent a number of thugs to negotiate with him. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition