Egypt Independent

Former PM Nazif referred to court on illicit gains charges

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif has been referred to criminal court for allegedly amassing LE64 million by illegal means. The Illicit Gains Authority has ordered Nazif to return another LE128 million to the state budget.

The authority also requested that Nazif’s wife, Zeinab Abdel Latif, his sons Sherif and Khaled, and the heirs of his first wife be added to the case.

The authority’s investigations have revealed that Nazif accumulated a fortune that would have been impossible for him to amass through legitimate means, given his legitimate sources of income.

Nazif is charged with amassing LE59 million from his Child and Society Development Establishment, which was formed as a charity, but which provided private educational services for money. He was also found to have forced government bodies to donate funds to the establishment.

He is accused of appointing his wife and sons to prestigious positions, and disbursing bonuses for himself without legal justification.

Nazif failed to prove the source of another LE5 million, although he was given ample time to submit all necessary documents.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm