Egypt Independent

Forty-six central security staff injured in Israeli Embassy clashes

Four officers and 42 soldiers were injured in the Israeli Embassy clashes between protesters and security forces on Friday evening, said a security source on Saturday.

The source said they received first aid at the Agouza Police Hospital.

The Ministry of Health earlier announced that the total number of injured people reached 219 and that the injuries were cuts and bruises. It also said a man who had been at the scene died on arrival at hospital due to a heart attack.

The clashes erupted following an attempt by Egyptian protesters to storm the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Ten military tanks were deployed by midnight to protect the embassy, but protesters managed to enter the building.

Protesters also tried to storm Giza Security Directorate, located near the embassy, and threw stones and petrol bombs, but security forces sealed off its entrances. The Interior Ministry said its personnel did not use force to deal with demonstrators.

Dozens also attempted to storm the Saudi Embassy, located between Giza Security Directorate and the Israeli Embassy, and central security forces used tear gas to disperse them.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia recently detained Egyptian Umra pilgrims for several days in difficult conditions at Jeddah Airport, sparking outrage in Egypt.

Translated from the Arabic Edition