Egypt Independent

Health Ministry prepares for Friday protest

The Egyptian Health Ministry announced Thursday that it was preparing for the mass protest that revolutionary and Islamist movements have planned for Tahrir Square Friday.

The ministry is on high alert in anticipation of any injuries, Assistant Minister of Health Adel Adawy said in a statement Thursday.

Islamist movements are expecting high attendance from their supporters. Various political groups have agreed that the protest’s demands will include calls for national unity, rejection of accusations of treason directed at revolutionary movements and the rejection of unilateral decision making by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie on Tuesday said that during the protest, the group will confirm its support for the SCAF's handling of the transition period.

The Health Ministry has set up a field hospital in Simon Bolivar Square near Omar Makram Mosque, Adawy said. He noted that the field hospital just off Tahrir Square includes internal medicine, orthopedic, cardiac, and surgery clinics as well as a pharmacy to deal with medical or surgical issues.

Adawy went on to say that the field hospital is equipped with the necessary medications and medical personnel including doctors, nurses and paramedics and a crisis management plan has been set in place to coordinate between various hospitals and ambulances.

Adawy said that 16 ambulances have been prepared for transporting any injured protesters and hospitals in the area have been provided with additional medical supplies, blood and plasma.