Egypt Independent

Military official denies suspending investigation of Mubarak for arms deals

Adel al-Morsy, president of the Military Judiciary Authority, has denied a statement published on independent newspaper Youm7's website saying investigations into former President Hosni Mubarak's involvement in arms deals during his tenure have been suspended.

The investigations involve allegations Mubarak received kickbacks from the arms sales.

The newspaper quoted lawyer Samir Sabry on Wednesday as saying the investigation was suspended for insufficent justification, because in his capacity as president, Mubarak was legally entitled to make such deals with the authorization of Parliament.

Morsy said that the military prosecutor has decided to summon Sabry to submit documents to prove his claim.

Taking personal commissions from arms deals is legally prohibited and such commissions are deducted from the total cost of the deal for the benefit of the government.

Mubarak is awaiting a verdict on 2 June on unrelated charges of ordering the killing of demonstrators during the uprising that began on 25 January 2011 and resulted in his resignation.