Egypt Independent

Police arrest 50 migrant smugglers

Security forces have apprehended nearly 50 individuals of different nationalities belonging to the largest network in Egypt for smuggling migrants to Israel and Arab states. Details of the arrests are exclusively published in Al-Masry Al-Youm.
State security prosecutors two days ago began to secretly interrogate the suspects under tight security restrictions. The Interior Ministry allowed embassy representatives from the perpetrators’ countries of origin to attend.
Those arrested come from Sudan, Congo, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Palestine, along with Egyptians from Giza and North Sinai.
Investigations revealed that the suspects were planning to run Africans through the southern Sudan to the eastern Israeli border, passing through Egypt.
The el-Manabaa family of North Sinai has made the village of Mahdiya a base for running such operations, according to the investigations. The family would take migrants from the Shagrab camp in Kassala, Sudan, and drive them to Aswan, Egypt, where Bedouins would then transport them to North Sinai, and then to Israel.
A memo from the Egyptian state security investigation services holds Israel responsible for supporting the ongoing illegal migration through coordination with the el-Azazmah tribes who are located on its borders with Egypt. The memo claims that migrants are gathered into camps in Israel and the most desirable nationalities are allowed to remain in the state’s territory.
Israel is also thought to be aiding elements of the Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM) who wish to travel to Israel, with the SLM having an office in Tel Aviv.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.