Egypt Independent

Police receive new info on church blast suspect

Police have received information about a suspect believed to be behind the New Year’s Eve bombing that killed 23 and injured about 100 at an Alexandria church, security sources said.

The suspect rented an apartment in the town of Dekheila, west of Alexandria, and frequented a coffee shop and hairdresser in that area, according to the new reports.

Last week, police published a composite drawing of the suspect’s face, whose head was found at the crime scene.

Security services combed the area following the reports. Police are also investigating phone calls related to the suspect, the most important of which was made by a man who believed his brother to be among the casualties.

Security sources said that the Ministry of Interior had obtained other information from the social networking site Facebook and websites run by al-Qaeda.

Yesterday, Alexandria authorities questioned Maqar Fawzy, a pastor at the bombed church, as well as another person who sold copies of the Quran near the opposite mosque.

Meanwhile, security authorities await the final reports of medical examiners and crime-scene investigators on how the attack was carried out.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.