Egypt Independent

Remaining Israeli diplomats leave for Tel Aviv

Israel's remaining diplomatic staff left Cairo on Thursday, following the Israeli ambassador and some other embassy officials in leaving for Tel Aviv after the Israeli Embassy was stormed last Friday.

Sources at the Cairo airport said the embassy staff, composed of Israeli Plenipotentiary Minister Yisrael Tuckachinsky, the embassy’s security chief, and the security chief's deputy, left on board an Air Sinai flight for Tel Aviv.

The same sources did not disclose if any of the embassy’s staff remained in the building.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry had announced earlier this week that its embassy in Cairo would continue its work with a small staff, including three diplomats presided over by Tuckachinsky.

Intensified communications took place this week between Egypt and Israel through several Israeli envoys arriving in Cairo, after hundreds of protesters stormed the 22-story building housing the Israeli Embassy on Friday night.

Some 130 persons have been arrested on charges of rioting in front of the Israeli Embassy, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Sunday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition