Egypt Independent

Salafi MPs demand media censorship

At a Wednesday Parliament meeting, ultra-conservative Salafi-oriented Nour Party MPs demanded legislation to censor the media.

“Many journalists don’t care for the country’s interests, and have sensational approach. They push MPs to attack the Interior Ministry in order to defend a few protesters who want to overthrow the government,” said MP Mohamed Abdel Rasoul.

MP Abdel Aziz al-Aqra requested that parliamentary sessions not be broadcast live. “It’s irreligious to let people see government officials insulted,” Aqra said.

According to MP Talaat Marzouq, authority to end live broadcasts lies with the speaker of parliament.

The Nour Party had accused the media of attempting to tarnish its image during parliamentary elections. Media outlets have repeatedly criticized statements from Nour leaders.

Last month, the media criticized leading party figure Abdel Moneim al-Shahat for saying that Islam prohibits Muslims from greeting Christians on their religious occasions.

The Salafis’ rising political influence since former President Mubarak’s overthrow on 11 February has raised fears among liberal, secular, and Coptic groups, especially due to their controversial remarks about certain topics such as tourism and banks.

The Nour Party won 23 percent of seats in parliamentary elections that started in November and ended in January.