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SCAF calls for fact-finding commission and discussion with political forces

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) issued a statement Wednesday night urging calm. It called for discussions with political forces and a fact-finding commission to investigate the violence.

The generals urged the people and all political groups to "stay calm and provide a stable atmosphere in order to be able to pursue the political process and hence achieve the transition to a democratic system that can place Egypt in its appropriate position," in the statement it issued.

Violence between protesters and the police have roiled Egyptian cities in recent days following military's forceful dispersion of a Tahrir sit-in on Saturday. Thirty-three have been killed and over a thousand have been injured, as protesters demand a swift end to military rule.

In the meantime, the SCAF expressed its deep sorrow over the killings of protesters in these  "painful events." It presented condolences to victims' families and wished a speedy recovery for the injured.

The SCAF announced that it had asked the Justice Ministry to form a fact-finding commission in order to investigate the incident and provide investigation results "as soon as possible" in order to take necessary legal measures against the perpetrators of violence.

The SCAF also called for immediate talks with all political forces to pinpoint the reasons behind the crisis and propose a way-out.

Mohamed Abul Ghar, a leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, told al-jazeera that the talks will be held tomorrow at 12 at Defense Ministry headquarters.

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