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Swine flu: 1 death and 34 infections reported in Egypt

On Sunday a 45-year-old Egyptian man, Raafat Ibrahim, died at the Mahala Chest hospital from complications associated with the H1N1 virus, a source from the Gharbiya Health Directorate said. 34 others in nine governorates were said to be infected or suspected to be infected with the virus, commonly known as "swine flu."

The Tanta and Mahala Fever Hospitals admitted 17 cases, and lab tests were done on another 54 suspected cases.

In Port Said, nine cases were admitted to various hospitals. Under-secretary to the Minister of Health Helmi al-Efni said the patients were being treated and quarantined.

An official source from the Kafr al-Sheikh Health Directorate said that 6 cases of swine flu had been discovered in the governorate.

In the Red Sea governorate, lab tests confirmed the infection of a 40-year-old pharmacist, who was admitted to the Hurghada General Hospital. Four others suspected of having the disease were also admitted to the hospital for further testing.

A source from within the Ismailia General Hospital announced that Heba Farag Hussein was infected, while in Qalyubiya, the Banha Fever Hospital admitted 13-year-old Ali Gamal al-Din after he tested positive.

The Fayoum General Hospital admitted 20-year-old Badriya Ibrahim for suspected infection, while six other suspected cases were admitted to various hospitals in Beheira.

Meanwhile, in the town of Kafr al-Zayat, a cluster of bird flu cases were discovered by the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine. The infected birds were destroyed and four suspected cases were sent to the hospital.

In Menoufiya, two bird flu outbreaks were discovered in the towns of Talla and Birkat al-Sabei. A large number of infected birds were found in the homes of two residents. All infected birds were destroyed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.