Egypt Independent

Update: Police use rubber bullets and tear gas in Alexandria protests

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protestors rioting after the the New Year's Eve Alexandria church bombing.

Thousands of protestors continue to riot following the bombing near an Alexandrian church, which killed 21 people and injured dozens. 
They clustered in three main areas: near the church of St. Mark and St. Peter which the attack targeted, near the St. Mark hospital where most of the wounded are being treated, and at a main street in the neighborhood. 
Chanted slogans include "with our blood and soul, we will defend our cross". Protestors also chanted slogans against al-Qaeda, which has recently threatened to attack Egypt's Christians.
According to Mary Shoukry, head of the St. Mark Hospital, four protestors got seriously injured and will undergo surgeries. Seven other cases had minor injuries. 
Some policemen were also reportedly hurt during the clashes, when protestors threw stones at them.