Egypt Independent

US delegation to help raise funds for Giza’s Grand Museum

A US delegation on Tuesday said it would help raise funds to complete Egypt’s Grand Museum project in Giza and the Civilization Museum project in area of Fostat.

During its visit to Cairo, the delegation also proposed requesting the US government to provide Egypt with funds for establishing new museum stores and surrounding archaeological sites with fences to protect them from attacks.

The delegation, which will stay in Egypt until 19 May, includes several prominent figures representing major American organizations interested in protecting Egypt’s artifacts. It will meet with Egyptian authorities to discuss ways of curbing the theft of Egyptian antiquities.

The delegation met with Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass, who requested contributions for constructing new museum stores, financing a database for existing monuments and allocating money for training programs for archaeologists and museum curators.

Hawass stressed during the meeting that Egyptian antiquities are important to the whole world, and countries should work together to protect them.

A statement issued by the Antiquities Ministry mentioned that ongoing efforts to retrieve smuggled artifacts were reviewed during the meeting.

 Translated from the Arabic Edition