Egypt Independent

Walking march demonstrations mushroom in Cairo

Dozens of small walking marches have begun around various areas of Cairo to mark the "Day of Anger," an online call inspired by a revolt that toppled Tunisia's president.

In downtown Cairo, a walking march of around 3000 protesters has circulated in Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum and the Nile Corniche.

An activist told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the idea behind the walking march is to attract passersby and make it more difficult for security forces to cordon off demonstrators.

“Ordinary people are joining the protest when we call on them,” he said.

In Nahya, Boulak al-Dakrour, nearly 2000 protesters marched to the Arab League St. in the upper class district of Mohandessin to join another march from Al-Battal Ahmed Abdel Aziz. Eyewitness said around 5000 protesters are now gathering in Mohandessin. Eyewitnesses said some of the protesters are chanting “Oh Mubarak… Saudia Arabia is waiting you,” in reference to Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali who fled to the oil-rich kingdom following the Tunisian revolution.

In the Christian-dominated Shubra neighborhood, more than 1000 protesters chanted anti-government slogans. An Al-Masry Al-Youm reporter said the police attempted to cordon off the protesters, but the protestors managed to break the cordon.

In Masr al-Qadimya, dozens of protesters gathered around metro stations carrying banners reading “No to dictatorship” and “We demand a minimum wage.”