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We won’t be another NDP, say Muslim Brothers

Mohamed Gheith, MP for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, on Sunday said his party would not act like the disbanded National Democratic Party (NDP). “We do not intend to dominate parliament,” he said. “All committees will be headed according to a consensus.”

He added that his party would only form a coalition in parliament that is best for the country. “We know that we are watched by our voters, and we cannot let them down,” he said.

He said his party differs with the Salafi-oriented Nour Party over the way Islamic Sharia should be applied. “But we both agree in principle that it should be applied,” he noted, adding that the Salafis have no political expertise.

Party MP Abdel Rahman Saeed said the party would suggest a draft law to allow Sinai Bedouins to own land in Sinai and sell it to foreigners. “But not to Israelis disguised as Arab investors,” he said.

Saeed also said the party would suggest appointing the bedouins to the police in order to overcome the persistent security problem on the peninsula.

Brotherhood MP Ibrahim Younis said the parliamentary majority must collaborate with the opposition for the sake of the country's interests. “No majority should rule single-handedly,” he said.

Brotherhood MP Sameh Abdel Hamid called for ending demonstrations and sit-ins. “We need to work on improving the economy,” he said, while his colleague, Ahmed Omran, said priority would be given to the Nile Basin issue.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm